Photon project - 3D Mapping

MC Lariviere - Project Report - Built on Particle IoT

Work presented to Alice Jarry
CART-461, winter 2021
Concordia University

Special thanks:
VYV Corporation

BaNQ in blender
Mapping with Photon

Argon Workshops

1 - Setup - Hello Argon

Argon world:
Fully connected system, wifi, BLE
3.3V, 12 bits, 0-5 Adc,
Arduino feather compatible
See full API documentation

Our Kit for the workshop:

Connect to Particle Cloud

All codes on GitHub:

Device OS API - code reference

Desktop Command Line Interface

Download the Particle CLI Workbench for VisualStudio
Make sure to select the Argon device at the bottom of your screen.
[Ctrl + Shift + P] to open terminal commands.

particle setup
particle serial monitor
particle serial wifi
particle list
particle Flash

click for full list: CLI

On Mobile App

Download the Particle app on mobile,
Create a Particle Cloud account to connect to local wifi and get a list of your devices.

2- Publish and subscribe to cloud events/messages

Publish your data under a precise event name known between your network.

Sign in to Particle Console to build your connected Network,

Webhook integrations allows to subscribe to Events under their specific names and update your network.

Integrate Webhook

Adding a webhook integration allows to store and transmit data in Json objects-variables on external server. Use database like synchronize the data available in real time.
We need to tokenize/parse JSON messages & extract the variables without the comma.

3 - Local Network OSC

Project Code Reference is on GitHub - Developped by Justine Gagnepain

Our network is composed of capacitive sensors that detects peoples presence & actuate projections inside the VYV Photon software.
Our Final Project communicates on a local network with OSC.

Joining Multicasting for local Network

We named the different path from our sensors

double check IP adress when connecting to LAN
double check port number

Render in Blender

4.Setup Photon Designer

OSC Path

  1. FX Graph - execute CUE

OSC client listening to /path on port 8000
If the signal = NumericValue : Trigger CUE

Every sensors has its condition tree, then the FX graph are added to the show timeline.

  1. I/O Manager - OSC client control

Check that every client are listening to OSC messages

Show / Media

  1. Timeline / Regions

Open the Show section.
Adding Regions to your show Timeline = Reaction zone for sensors

  1. Cue Manager - execute CUE

Sequence a series of actions on Cue
Click record then right click actions on the Photon Timeline.
Your actions will trigger the Regions of the show.

  1. File Manager: Import medias and 3D object for mapping.

Root Video made with Blender

Video of our Final Prototype in action!

The Team

We are artists dedicated to creating interactive media pieces that invite the public to question the world that is presented at face-value. More specifically, as women and non-binary folks evolving in typically male-dominated environments - development and engineering field, the music industry,video-game and fashion - we bond through our experiences of being undermined and distrusted on the basis of gender - so we use these expereices to explore and dismantle the perspectives of society.

Having felt unwelcome in a variety of creative spaces, it is important that our work in the collective feels approachable and intellectually and culturally accessible. The projects are easy-going, pleasant, human, inclusive, and emotional. The aim is to draw in individuals with limited art education or initial interest in art towards conceptual pieces while making them feel that their perspectives are paramount to the realization of the creative work. In turn their curiosity, wonder, puzzlement, and joy is ignited and empowered.

A common thread in our individual and group practices is the theme of questioning accepted cultural notions - those that are, at-first-glance, obvious - the mechanics in which society believes that the world functions and must function. In their music, Alana focuses on blurring the boundary between visual and sonic environments, in Marie-Christine’s fantastical fashion and digital art, wonder is woven through the textiles and 3D sculpture in a uniquely interactive mode. Justine’s projects aim to find creative solutions to complicated problems. These initiatives all require that we let go of what is, and that we start asking “what if?” and “why not?”

At the core, our collective shares a genuine curiosity for tinkering and making, a palpable satisfaction at seeing mechanical and electronic pieces fit together, and a resolute ambition to expand and investigate new possibilities and new skills in the field of computation arts.

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